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About Us

Hello, I'm Shivam Sahu


“I have always believed that art should be a deep pleasure, I admire people who do things that are interesting to them”

Shivam is an Architect, Photographer and an Entrepreneur. Photography is a conversation, a medium to capture the world he witnesses, a world of his own. He is passionate about the whole process, not just the final outcome. From the first thought to the final execution, and everything in between. He enjoys every step of the process. Curating how an existing space comes out alive in the photographs and films, how a viewer sitting in any corner of the world can experience the similar feeling that he does while in that space.

He says “people should be able to evoke the emotions within them by seeing the photographs”. He is intrigued by the thoughts and concepts and entire process of architecture design that architects put into bringing a space alive. He feels responsible to highlight the spatial understanding and visual harmony through a photographed narrative.

Understanding the juxtaposition and layers in a space, how every single frame comes out alive. It is the conversations that happen in his head and with the people during the documentation of a project. He finds capturing the intended psychology of a space a challenging yet exciting experience. Symmetry captivates him, Courtyards and Fenestrations are his favourite elements and play of light and shadow fascinates him. He has worked with renowned architectural photographer André J Fanthome

When not on an assignment he indulges in travelling, exploring art and theatre, listening to music from the 80’s. He likes to spend his time going through magazines and reading architecture blogs.

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